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Women Who Made It In Fashion

Fashion is 1.2 trillion dollar industry globally. We decided to highlight the women who paved their own roads in this harsh industry. Over the last decade fashion misfits have redefined everything from what beauty is and to how we perceive the brands we love. Here’s our list of power women in the stunning world of fashion.

Diane von Furstenberg achieved massive success since she introduced the iconic, femme-friendly wrap dress back in 1974. These days she has roughly 85 stores in every corner of world and also boasts is a member of Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Theary Sim started as a plus-size model, and soon got sick of the dull styles she had to wear, thus she launched her edgy, size 0-24 line which is called Youtheary Khmer. Now her inventory regularly sells out to a devoted army of fans.

Sara Blakely was a former fax saleswoman before pitching Spanx, which became her line of fashionable undergarments. Spanx allowed women to embrace trends they previously couldn’t. After launching in 2000, Sara became one of the few world’s youngest self-made billionaires.

Carrie Hammer was pursuing economics and women’s studies at California’s UCLA. Role models in the fashion world didn’t astound her and she started her own line. Soon after her combo package would go viral every season.

Isabel Toledo is a Cuban-American designer responsible for exaggerated and art-inspired fashion lines. Her designs achieved multicultural spotlight everywhere from the US First Lady’s inauguration dress and to the shelves of Lane Bryant.

Jin Sook Chang moved to the United States in 1981. After residing in Los Angeles for three years, they opened their very own store. She is a living proof of the importance of dreaming big, they really honed on the teenagers and created Forever 21, a company now worth 3 billion dollars.


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