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Curiosity Mars Rover Stops All Operations Due To Glitch

Curiosity Mars rover has halted all scientific operations due to a mysterious glitch!

Uh-oh, not the best news regarding space development as the Curiosity Mars rover has stopped working for an indefinite period of time. According to DailyMail, The $2.5 billion rover has terminated its scientific experiments as a main computer issue has stopped any information from being sent from the rover to Earth.

The team of scientists behind this extraordinary piece of technology has released a statement regarding the issue, claiming the inter-planetary science lab can no longer gather data that is stored in Curiosity’s memory banks back to Earth. This ultimately renders the machine completely useless until the issue itself is fixed. Although researchers are unaware of what causes the glitch, it took no time before a team of specialists was attempting to fix the problem at hand in order to get the rover back up and running.

As for how long the fix might take, researchers claim it could take “some time” before the engineers manage to figure out what the problem is, how it was caused and how to treat it. If Curiosity does not pop back up soon, the mission team members will be forced to fire up the backup computer within Curiosity, in order to start getting feedback from Mars to Earth. Scientists believe this glitch has much to do with what has been recorded as one of the biggest Martian dust storms on record.

The storm at its peak covered up to 14 million square miles, knocking out NASA’s solar-powered Opportunity rover for three months. Curiosity was able to push through the dust storm considering it runs on nuclear-powered battery, however, researchers are looking in to see if anything could have possibly gone wrong. Apart from the glitch, researchers claim Curiosity is still very much “healthy and responsive”, and is still able to stream real-time data regarding its status back to mission control.

This data that is still being collected will be a huge factor in diagnosing the problem and getting it fixed as fast as possible. As worrying as this may be, this isn’t the first time Curiosity has experienced issues. The backup system has occurred some issues in the past on Curiosity first 200 sols on Mars but was quickly fixed. As soon as the rover is back up and running, communication will fire up again, let’s just hope it happens sooner than later.