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Samsung Builds Robotic Rear-End To Test Durability Of New Smartphones


Samsung is taking smartphone stress testing to new and realistic levels with a robotic rear-end used to recreate real-life scenarios.

Tech giant Samsung has long been a top contender in the realm of smartphone manufacturers. Apparently, one aspect that helps them keep their spot among the big competitors is their ability to find innovative and creative ways to put their new smartphones to the ultimate testing experiences.

Tech Radar announced that Samsung has come up with a robotic bum that is supposed to be equal to the weight and proportions of the average human rear-end. To ensure the ultimate human experience (or perhaps just for kicks and giggles among the Samsung technicians), the robotic tush is even dressed in denim. Since many of us like to carry our smartphones in our back pockets, Samsung’s latest testing creation allows technicians to ensure that their newest smartphones will hold up against being sat on repeatedly.

The “Lower Body Pressure Test”, as it’s called, tests the durability of the frame, the quality of the display, as well as access to all buttons and charging/earbud ports. While the Lower Body Pressure Test certainly isn’t the only drill that smartphones are held up to at Samsung Headquarters in Suwon, South Korea, it might just be the most amusing. After all, SIM card tray testers and Side Key Testers cannot be dressed in blue jeans.

In fact, the Lower Body Pressure Test is just one test in one of several categories of tests that each new generation of smartphones must stand up to. The blue jean-clad robo-bum test belongs in the category of strength testing, but there is also quantitative testing, qualitative testing, and tests to measure call purity, among others.

Tech Radar, who visited Samsung’s headquarters to witness the testing first hand, reported that the keister test is just one way in which the company is attempting to better serve its customers by ensuring their products can hold up in real-world scenarios with a special focus on how the majority of potential Samsung customers will use their smartphones on a daily basis. The tests are grueling work for the technicians who must conduct and observe the constant testing over endless hours. The work might be a pain in the behind but Samsung’s new smartphones promise not to disappoint.

Thanks for all of the hard work, Samsung!



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