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Details surface from Sony about the upcoming PS5

Sony’s Mark Cerny has shared details on what the manufacturer’s next generation console will bring to the table. In an interview with Wired,...

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Concrete: The Incredibly Destructive Material The World Is Ignoring

While the world is focused on the damage being done by plastic and fossil fuels, our excessive use of concrete has become...

Extra Creamy Beef Kare-Kare Recipe

Extra Creamy Beef Kare-Kare Recipe, Simplified version and an innovative touch to a traditional dish. INGREDIENTS

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Koalas Have Been Labeled As Being “Functionally Extinct”

Koalas have been labeled as being functionally extinct with the species' numbers now down to an estimated 80,000 in the wild.

Chicken or Pork Adobo Recipe

ADOBO MARINADE 3/4 cup vinegar 1/2 cup soy sauce 1 whole garlic bulb, crushed (more if...

What Would Happen If Earth Suffered A Game Of Thrones-Length Winter?

Life would get pretty bad pretty fast if Earth's northern hemisphere suffered winters as long as the ones on Game Of Thrones.

Research Shows Mars Had Huge Rivers For Most Of Its Existence

In the search for evidence of water and life on Mars, scientists have discovered the red planet once had rivers larger than...

Trainer Reveals How Many Minutes You Need To Walk Daily To Lose Weight

The appropriate amount of minutes that everyone should walk daily has long been up for debate but one personal trainer claims to...