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Spend A Night In Nature With These Pioneer-Inspired Wagon-Rooms

Glamping has never looked so fun as it does now, thanks to some fabulous covered wagons that will make you feel like pioneer living in luxury.

Those who love to be in nature but don’t necessarily love camping are going to want to listen up. Yosemite Pines RV Resort and Family Lodging are now offering one of the unique and coolest camping experiences that everyone can enjoy. The resort now gives campers the option of staying in Conestoga covered wagons that are straight out of the pioneer days.

Although these wagons look like something straight out of the Wild West on the outside, on the inside, they are from 2018. The resort is combing a pioneer look with modern day amenities such as air conditioning, heat, refrigerator, and microwave. Larger wagons can sleep up to six people, while the smaller one will accommodate four comfortably.

The only thing these beauties do not have in them is a shower and toilet, but there are facilities all over the resort the campers can use. Plus, each wagon comes with its own private area that includes a fire pit, a grill area and ample space for everyone in your party to chill.

Seriously, these decked out covered wagons are the best of both worlds for campers. There is that feeling of nature without giving up those modern-day amenities you love. The inside of these Wagons is decked out too —  these aren’t just sleeping bags thrown in the back of a wagon. They all have the most modern-day designs including bunk beds, a dining table, and double beds.

Now that the resort is officially is open, you can book one of these covered pioneer wagons for $179 a night. It might seem a little pricey, but it is about the same price as a decent hotel room. Except with one of these bad boys you get to wake up to a gorgeous view and fresh air.

Glamping in covered wagons in Yosemite, not a bad way to spend a few days. What do you think about spending your vacation in a stylish pioneer wagon, yes or no?