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Wonder Beauty Tricks Using Coconut Oil

Discover just how beneficial coconut oil is for your skin, hair and face.

When you consider the healthy benefits of coco oil, we’re willing to assume that rubbing this plant’s grease in your face is the last thing you would think of. This includes your arms or in your hair. Well, the expanding amount of research, countless experts, and a legion of natural-beauty aficionados swear by it. Let’s look closer into this.

Cheekbone highlighter


You don’t need store-purchased products to perk up a tired face. Use a small amount of organic coconut oil on top of your makeup and leave it be. This will contribute to a glowier skin appearance.

Shaving your legs

Coconut oil is an affordable and naturally antimicrobial, possessing a pleasant smell. Additionally its soothing properties will have your legs looking hydrated and not greasy at all.

Add shine

Use tiny amount of organic coconut oil onto your hair ends to add a little shine. Don’t overdo it, otherwise it may appear greasy.

Body moisturizer

Recent human study found coconut oil to be effective in promoting hydration and reducing water loss in dry skin.

Use it as a deep-conditioner

Plenty of conditioners contain coconut oil: It’s able to easily penetrate hair additionally preventing from protein loss. Make sure to use a soft towel to cover your pillow or sleep in a shower cap. Use shampoo in the morning as usually combined with a gentle cleanser.

Eye makeup remover

Coconut oil works great on waterproof mascara! Apply a little bit on a cotton ball and sweep it over your eyes. Coconut oil does a fantastic job breaking down waxy and inky eye makeup leaving the delicate area properly hydrated.

Cleaning your face

Coconut oil is antibacterial, moisturizing and antifungal. Many women swear by its incredible cleansing properties. Simply rub some oil in circular motions over your face and neck. Once this is done, use your favourite cleanser to wash off the residue.

Soothing the dry hands

Whenever at home, coconut oil can do wonders on your hands. Simply get a jar at any local grocery store. Apply a little after washing your hands to keep them soft and moist.