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Hair Products that Can Harm Your Hair

Hair care is definitely a prime aspect of a unique and well-groomed look of a person. Hairstyles directly reflect our personality, our preferences in fashion, having a new cut, can alter our entire image.

Twenty years ago, there was only a tiny selection of styling products: gels, mousses, sprays, maybe a few waxes … and that’s it. Since those days, the world of hair-care has changed completely – people have a ridiculous amount of products to pick from: creams, glues, waxes, clays, muds, in tubs, in tubes, in pots – you name it!

The majority of people base their purchases on the brand instead of paying attention to the ingredients.
Certain types of products feature harmful contents, so if you want to treat your hair good, you would be best avoiding them at all cost.

Polyethylene Glycol

This compound is used in some cases to pretty good results – like cleaning products made to remove grease – but it should be kept well away from your hair. This is your head we’re talking about and not a kitchen stove!


While silicone creates an illusion of shiny and healthy hair, it dries it out on the inside. Silicone stops quality nutrients found in conditions from reaching the hair shaft. Opt for silicone-free brands.


Alcohol, just like silicone, dries the hair out completely. Most people will avoid using skin-care products potent in alcohol, as it also causes the skin to dry out, the same goes for your precious hair.

Protective Products Against Heat

Constantly drying your hair can be really harmful, there are ‘heat-protecting’ brands that can cause far more damage than they prevent.

When similar product is used prior to applying a straightening or curling iron, your hair is almost surely to be cooked, which leads it to break away. You may want to opt for a dry spray, so your hair isn’t all that moist when the iron gets in direct contact with it.

Propylene Glycol

All products that have propylene glycol (PG) should be completely avoided, due to the protein-killing qualities it has! This is a wetting agent and is the main element in antifreeze. Doesn’t sound healthy already, right? This will also irritate the scalp, resulting in great discomfort and frustration.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

This compound is used to bring water and oil together, and are considered powerful grease-removers making them effective in shampoos. If using for extended periods of time these can eliminate oils that occur naturally in your hair, thus damaging the protein and limiting healthy growth.

Sodium Chloride

Thickening agents are common to shampoos, and sodium chloride is a common one. This is essentially a table salt, and can cause itchy, dry scalps, in some cases even hair loss.