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Essential Beauty Tips for Older Women

Certain beauty facts are timeless. No matter if you are 19 or 90, always wearing sunscreen, never smoking, drinking plenty of water and regularly exercising are essential to be on top of your game. Not all of the beauty advices are evergreen. The same products you tend to use in your 20s and 30s might no longer be suitable — consider this, how many things you know from your 20s stayed the same? Let’s research some beauty ideas and make sure you shine above all.

In a recent survey conducted by Ultima II, women over the age of 45 confirmed that lipstick was the one thing they couldn’t leave home without. Makeup pros are divided in their views on how to apply the product. Lips thin over time. Some think using a lip liner should be applied prior to lipstick. Others insist lip liner is unnecessary because it will create a rather harsh line. Always reevaluate the kinds of products you’re using!

If you’re concerned about fine lines and wrinkles, you are prone to pile on the foundation and concealer. Doing this in excess makeup builds up in the creases, drawing the eye right to the spot you want to conceal.

Try adopting a “less is more” approach. Moisturizer is necessary because it evens out the skin. Instead of applying foundation to the entire face, try concealer to get rid of harsh lines, shadows and to hide brown spots. Proceed with setting your look with translucent powder.

Dark circles around your eyes once meant a night full of studying or going out, you get older, these hallmarks of tiredness never go away. When aging, the skin under your eyes is becoming thinner, resulting in showing blood vessels thus those dark circles appear.
How to deal with this? Applying a lot of makeup will look lumped on. Try a light foundation. Also use some powder to blend it in nicely.

Water retention around your eye is caused by lack of sleep, allergies and aging. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and invest in getting a tightening eye cream to use at nights.

The first thing people notice about another person the eyes. There are a few tricks you can do that will ensure your first impression is a lovely one. Dealing with eyelashes and eyebrows, you find yourself doing more with less, since lashes and brows thin with age. Use a pencil to provide further definition for your brows. For your eyelashes use good volumizing mascara.
As you age, mascara is a more useful tool than eye shadow or an eyeliner. t’s Try looking for an alternative to liquid eyeliner, since it has a tendency to run into eye wrinkles.

Finding first gray hairs will have a woman rushing to dye her hair. The key to dying aging hair is to keep it age-appropriate. E.g. instead of going for a full blonde that will look artificial, try instead a subtle, flattering contrast. E.g. caramel lowlights would fit aging blondes, and lighter highlights will help raven-haired beauties.
Women deal with the fact that their hair becomes thinner, duller and prone to breakage. Use a volumizing shampoo and stay away from styles that strain hair, like too-tight ponytails.