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Jeff Bezos Keeps 75% Of His Amazon Stock With Ex-Wife, Mackenzie In Divorce Settlement

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos reached a settlement in his divorce with his ex-wife, MacKenzie Bezos and the numbers seem to be in his favor.

Last Thursday, Bezos and MacKenzie agreed to the finishing touches of their divorce settlement which leaves the online entrepreneur king with 75% of the former couple’s share in Amazon stock. The share of stock awarded to Bezos also comes with voting power over all of the Amazon voting shares that the couple owned together. Amazon has a market capitalization of $890 billion and he still holds his rank as one of the top 4 wealthiest people in the world even after the divorce.

According to Washington Post, MacKenzie announced the news of the settlement via Twitter and later Bezos retweeted the message. This divorce has been closely watched in the media and has been called a “record divorce settlement” by several news outlets. Bezos continued to win in court as he was awarded all of the couples joint holding in the Washington Past and Blue Origin, Bezos’ space flight company which was founded in 1994.

Before you feel too badly for novelist MacKenzie, Bezos’ wife of 25 years and the mother of his four children and author of the 2013 novel “Traps”, you should know that she walked away with approximately 4% of Amazon (worth around $36 billion), making her one of the wealthiest women in the world. Financial experts have pegged MacKenzie’s net worth somewhere near L’Oreal and Walmart heiresses.

While the agreement is in place, experts estimate that the divorce should be completely finalized in about 90 days from last Thursday. While this much has been made aware to the public, there are still many unknown details surrounding the former couple’s affairs that Bezos and MacKenzie are choosing to keep private at this time such as their holdings in popular companies such as Airbnb and Uber. The former couple also own several properties together including the largest residential estate in Washington, a Beverly Hills mansion and several N.Y.C. condos. The outcome of the division of properties remains undisclosed at this time as well.

What do you think about divorce settlement that might go down in history? Fair or unfair? Let us know in the comments!


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