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Box of Unopened Pokémon Cards Sells For Thousands Of Dollars

A box of unopened Pokemon cards recently sold at auction for an incredible $56000, and we still don’t know what’s inside.

When you consider the fads that have been and gone over the decades, especially when it comes to what we liked as kids and teenagers, it’s pretty incredible that Pokemon has managed to stay relevant. Starting with the trading card game, TV show, and video games, all the way up to the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go almost 20 years later.

Going back to those trading cards and if you’re anything like us, you spent a lot of money on collecting them during the late 1990s. Or, perhaps more accurately, your parents spent a small fortune on buying the cards for you. Despite all of that money spent, we don’t think that we’re going out on a limb when we guess that you probably don’t have the cards anymore.

If that is the case, this article may very well leave you kicking yourself. An unopened box of Pokemon cards from 1999 recently sold at auction for a staggering $56000, as reported by Esquire. The box’s previous owner somehow managed to resist opening it to reveal its contents for nineteen years and he is now reaping the rewards. Bidding began at $20000 and once word of the auction got around, that number started to shoot up.

The most exciting thing about the purchase for whoever forked out the money is what lies inside. The box contains eleven packs of Pokemon cards and some of those might very well include a rare find or two. If there’s a holographic Charizard within one of those packs, the suitor may be able to get almost all of his or her money back. Just four months ago a shiny Charizard sold for $55000.

Now, an unopened box of Pokemon cards selling for this much money likely didn’t hurt you that much. As soon as we got our hands on a box or a pack of Pokemon cards we were tearing them open, not letting them increase in value for two decades. The news of how much a Charizard card goes for these days has to hurt though. We remember holding that very card in our hands as kids, and it was likely in the bin less than a year later. It’s almost enough to turn you into a hoarder and never throw anything away ever again.