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Russell Brand Shows The World How To Rock A Blowout

Russell Brand has been away from the cameras for some time, having recently become a father for the second time. But he’s since resurfaced and is looking well… umm, different.

The 43-year-old comedian and actor, who has appeared in films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek, had a baby girl with his wife Laura Gallacher last month and it appears to have made a very mature man out of him – at least that’s how he looks nowadays.

Per, the Metro, Brand was recently spotted in Dublin, Ireland and was pictured sporting a gray-toned beard and mustache, as well as a monarchial jacket and and a silky scarf.

He does look much older than 43 now, but it’s hardly cause for worry as he hasn’t just aged suddenly – he’s actually been filming for a 2020 movie called Four Kids And It and that happens to be the required look.

The spray-tanned actor was photographed as he made his way off of a set at Dublin’s Natural History Museum and, to be fair, that beard is a thing of envy.

The upcoming movie is based on a 2012 book by children’s author Dame Jacquelin and is centered around a group of children who inadvertently come across a magical creature called the Psammead who is capable of granting wishes.

Of course, things go wrong, as they always do in movies, and the kids go through quite some trouble returning to a state of normalcy. Brand, meanwhile, plays a villain named Tristan, whom the children need to get past at a certain point.

Mission Impossible‘s Paula Patton also stars in the 2020 film, while Matthew Goode from Stoker and the legendary Michael Caine also have supporting roles.

Shooting only started last month and no official release date has been confirmed.

If you’re after something more current, Brand also features in season four of Dwayne Johnson’s hit show Ballers, which began airing earlier this month, so you could be seeing lots of him these next few months if that’s something you watch.

Of course, if you can, copy the look. It’s pretty classy.