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Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode Is Real- Here’s How To Activate It

Facebook Messenger’s dark mode is not a myth and is now available to everybody. Here is how to activate it.

Advances in technology over the past decade have been nothing short of remarkable. Most of which have been the kinds of things we now take for granted. The smartphone that most of you are likely reading this on right now, for example. Our lives revolve around them yet it wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t have them at all.

Despite the advanced technology most of us now hold in the palms of our hands, we are still entertained by the simplest things. Mobile games are a great example of that. Who remembers Flappy Bird? A 2D game in which you tapped the screen in order to try and get a little yellow bird as far as you could. It couldn’t have been a simpler concept yet it briefly took the world by storm.

While it isn’t a game this time around, the internet’s attention has been grabbed by technological simplicity once again. This time it is via Facebook Messenger’s intriguing “dark mode.” People have been posting screenshots of their messenger screens with dark mode activated and some have been skeptical as to whether it is for real or not. We can tell you that it is, and here is how to activate it for yourself.

First of all, open up messenger. All you need to do from there is send the crescent moon emoji to a friend. You can even send it to yourself if you prefer. Even though the Reddit post above states that you need to click on the moon to activate dark mode, we did not need to take that step. As soon as we sent the emoji, moons started to cascade down the screen. If that happens for you, all you need to do then is click on the prompt that should appear at the top of the screen and activate dark mode.

Hey presto! You should then be good to go. So what does it do we hear you ask? Well, nothing really. We did warn you that it was a simple change. It just makes your screen dark, as the name of the mode implies, and more aesthetically pleasing if you ask us.


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