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Energizer Claims Its Massive New Smartphone Has A 50 Day Battery Life


A new smartphone from Avenir Telecom and Energizer claims to have a 50-day battery life, but it is a pretty thick piece of kit.

What we can do with our smartphones is nothing short of remarkable. We often take how much we rely on them for granted. We don’t know about you, but if we were to lose our smartphone we’d basically be lost. We bank with it, use it to find our way around, as an alarm clock, not to mention using it as an actual phone as well.

Smartphones across the board really only have one big pitfall, and it’s one that seems to be getting worse rather than better. Its battery life. Our phones are on charge for so many hours of the day that it’s almost like having a landline again. The one thing we long for from our cellphones of old is the battery life. If we were to stumble across our old Nokia 3310 in the attic it would probably still have a couple of bars left now despite laying dormant for almost two decades.

While we are patiently sitting around waiting for Apple and Samsung to come up with a solution, the answer may have just arrived via an unexpected avenue. French company  Avenir Telecom and battery enthusiasts Energizer. The two companies unveiled their offering to the smartphone world at the 2019 Mobile World Congress and it boasts a pretty incredible battery life.

50 days. That’s not a typo. Not 50 hours. Not 5 days. 50 whole days. At least that is what the companies are claiming and is being reported by Futurism. After a full charge, if the Power Max P18K Pop smartphone remains in standby mode it will not need to be charged again for more than seven weeks. But what about if we’re using it like a normal person? Well, good news on that front too. One charge will allegedly allow users to spend 90 hours making calls, listen to 100 hours of music, and watch 48 hours of videos.

As you might imagine, and can see from the photo above, a phone with that much battery power is going to be a little bigger than your average iPhone. More than twice as thick as a matter of fact. If you want the battery life though, you are going to have to sacrifice the pocket space. It is not on sale yet but will hopefully be rolled out to the public by June of this year.



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