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Dinosaurs Likely Thrived During The Climate Change That Occurred Prior To Their Extinction


The climate will have altered drastically while dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but recent studies show it probably wouldn’t have affected the creatures all that much.

Global warming and climate change is happening all around us and changing our lives in some major ways. Some of those ways are unavoidable, while others are ones that most of us are desperately trying to impose on ourselves. For example, the extreme weather conditions are something we just have to deal with now, while cutting down on plastic use is a choice we should all actively be making.

The main argument of those who believe climate change is an inevitability so what’s the point in fighting it is that it is a global cycle. They’re not wrong. The planet has warmed and cooled in a cyclical fashion for its entire existence. However, what humankind has done to the planet over the last few centuries has undoubtedly accelerated that process which is why we are now desperately trying to slow it back down.

Long story short, humans and various other species we share the planet with are struggling to cope with climate change, and that is probably going to get worse. But what about creatures that have lived through it before? Dinosaurs, for example. Well, according to a study reported on by Inquisitr, dinosaurs were doing really well before the planet was struck by an asteroid and plunged into an ice age.

Scientists behind this new paper, which was published in Nature Communications, came to this conclusion after studying fossils from across North America. It has previously been assumed that dinosaurs were actually on the decline before being wiped out entirely. However, this latest research suggests quite the contrary and species distribution across the continent hints that they were extremely capable of adapting to changes in weather conditions.

We’re not just talking about a few cold winters and warm summers either. The research refers to the millions of years prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs (Late Cretaceous) during which the planet’s climate altered drastically. As hardy as dinosaurs might have been back then, if scientists do manage to bring them back anytime soon, as they believe they can, we’re not sure they’d be the biggest fans of what we have done to the planet.



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