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Coca-Cola Set To Release New Flavor This Month, It Doesn’t Seem All That Great


Coca-Cola is set to release a risky new flavor and it’s possibly aimed at the bravest of us.

The soda company will also attempt to go down a nostalgic route and take consumers back to that Creamsicle goodness of yesteryear with an Orange Vanilla drink that comes in a zero sugar version as well.

“Variety-seeking Coca-Cola fans will soon have a new fun-yet-familiar flavor to reach for,” they announced in a press release this week.

“Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero Sugar – the first Coca-Cola trademark flavor innovations in over a decade – hit stores nationwide on Feb. 25 in a range of packaging options.”

Coca-Cola should expect mixed reviews. New flavors haven’t always gone down well with the public and skepticism rife on social media as it relates to this development.

However, brand director Kate Carpenter seems pretty confident the drink will do well.

“What we realized is that we had a diamond in the rough when we looked at our flavors portfolio,” she said. “The growth of Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke – and their zero-calorie variants – has been really strong in recent years even with very limited marketing support.

“We wanted to bring back positive memories of carefree summer days. That’s why we leaned into the orange-vanilla flavor combination – which is reminiscent of the creamy orange popsicles we grew up loving, but in a classically Coke way.”

Despite the love for Creamsicles and the like, Orange Vanilla just doesn’t seem like a flavor anyone would readily go for. Of course, sodas should be avoided completely – but if you’re gonna have one, why Orange Vanilla?

In any case, the company will find out just how good their bold, new idea works out by the end of the month. And, to be fair, it would come as a huge surprise if people go for this one in droves.



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