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Celebrities You Didn’t Expect to be Related


Redfoo & Berry Gordy

How related: Son/father

The man who started the most prolific record label of all time is also the dad of the guy who came up with “Sexy and I Know It”?!

Gavin Rossdale & Daisy Lowe

How related: Stepdaughter/stepmother
Lowe discovered who her father was in 2004. Gavin Rossdale used to front a band called Bush, and also has been married to Gwen Stefani all the way since 2002.

Oona Chaplin & Charlie Chaplin

Relationship: Granddaughter/grandfather

Acting is clearly in the blood of the Chaplin family. A century after her grandfather was one of the first great movie stars, Oona Chaplin landed the role of Mrs Robb Stark in Game Of Thrones.

Max Irons & Jeremy Irons

Relationship: Son/father

Twenty-seven-year-old Max has recently appeared in The Host and The White Queen. Not bad, but considering his dad was Scar in The Lion King, he’s got a lot of catching up to do!

Daisy Lowe & Gwen Stefani

Relationship: Stepdaughter/stepmother

In 2004, Lowe discovered that her father was Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, who has been married to Gwen Stefani since 2002.

Harry Melling & Patrick Troughton

Relationship: Grandson/grandfather.

In other words, Dr. Who is Dudley Dursley’s granddad. That’s some geek-friendly genes they’ve got going on!

Alfie Allen & Lily Allen

Relationship: Brother/sister

Brother and sister duos don’t come much cooler than this. One is a multimillion-selling pop star, and the other is a resident of Westeros.



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