Facebook Messenger’s Dark Mode Is Real- Here’s How To Activate It

Facebook Messenger's dark mode is not a myth and is now available to everybody. Here is how to activate it.

Energizer Claims Its Massive New Smartphone Has A 50 Day Battery Life

A new smartphone from Avenir Telecom and Energizer claims to have a 50-day battery life, but it is a pretty thick piece of...

Huawei’s New 5G Foldable Phone Will Debut Later This Month

At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which begins on Monday, February 25, Huawei is expected to introduce its first foldable...

10 Hot New Tech Gadgets You Should Own

Everyone loves keeping up with the latest tech trends and being the first to own the coolest new gadgets. That is why...

Report Discovers Amazon’s Alexas Are Listening To Customer Recordings

A new report has revealed that employees at Amazon are listening to recordings made via Alexa devices to help improve its speech...

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