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Badass Hairstyle Ideas For Curly Hair

In this post we put together some of the wildest and hottest hairstyles for everyone who wants to rock their curls like a real goddess. This look can often be electrifying and allows plenty of variety as you are going to see in our post. Have you been considering a change of style? Look no further as we’ve gathered something really special for you here. Let’s go!

A super short bob looks so fine

Just when you thought that a simple bob wouldn’t impress you, it proves you completely wrong. This super short and playful version is daring and extremely seductive, giving whoever wears it a mysterious touch.

2019 is all about dyeing your hair

Unless you have been living under the rock and haven’t stepped outside this year yet, you already noticed all the youngsters rocking their dyed hair left and right. Perhaps it’s the sign you should do the same? It looks simply DOPE but the downsides are: the cost and you’d need to take extra care in order not to damage your hair.

A simple bob with longer pieces to go up front.

This look is a classic that delivers great results. Try going for a more angular look, this will frame your face in a very flattering way! Isn’t it all about experimenting and trying new things?

Shaved sides

If you are feeling like  unleashing your inner badass, maybe it’s time to go for that shaved side striking appearance? It looks daring and will underline your individuality and character. Show ‘em what punk rock really means!

Going for more volume

Try utilizing shorter layers on top to achieve greater perception of overall volume. Just like in this example with this cutie totally slaying it at her curl game. Also it’s worth mentioning all the option you have to experiment with your attire and make-up.

Want to get even more out of the curls?

If you decided to rock those gurl, why not give a try to a side part that will really make those layers appear extra stylized. This haircut delivers incredible results.

A pixie cut with enough length to let your curls take form

This look will greatly define your facial features and also will creates a sensation of a Greek goddess in a matter of few instances messing with your lovely hair. Also greatly resembles that UK indie look.


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