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Apple Has Started Selling The iPhone SE Again Without Telling Anyone


Apple replaces and updates its iPhones quicker than we can keep up with them, but the most annoying thing is when not-that-old models disappear completely.

Even for those of us who love technology and consider ourselves to be in the know, it can adapt and change so fast that it is hard to keep up with. We buy a new laptop and by the time we get it home, a newer version of it is on the shelves. We wait a week to buy a newly released video game, and when we want to play it for the first time there are six hours of updates to install first.

However, neither the laptop nor the video game world compares to that of the smartphone. Handsets are changed, replaced, and updated on such a regular basis that chances are the device you are reading this very article on is already out of date. All tech companies are renowned for it, but none quite as much as Apple.

If we asked you to list the last ten iPhones in order of release, could you do it? Why did Apple not just keep it simple with the number system? Throwing an S after the number, making slightly larger versions of iPhones already on the market, it is all very confusing. However, the most annoying aspect of this whole process is Apple forcing us to buy newer models, even if we don’t necessarily want them.

When the XS and XR models were released last year, Apple discontinued a number of their predecessors. However, this past weekend MacRumors noticed that the SE, one of those aforementioned discontinued models, was once again for sale on Apple’s website. Its reintroduction was not announced or advertised, and it was even being sold at a reduced price.

Those of you who don’t necessarily want the latest iPhone and would quite like the SE, we have some bad news. At the time of typing this, the phone is sold out. Seems as if as soon as customers got wind of the re-release they jumped on the opportunity. Hopefully, it will be in stock again sometime soon though, so keep an eye out. The other possibility is that Apple found a leftover box of them in a warehouse somewhere and now the model is really gone for good.



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