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Adidas Has Launched Its First Ever 100% Recyclable Running Shoes

Adidas has launched a range of running shoes that are made of one material and no glue making them 100% recyclable.

The fight is well and truly on to rid the world of single-use plastics, and plastic as a whole. It can feel like we are helpless as individuals in the fight to save the planet, but cutting down on plastic use is one of the big ways in which we can make a difference. However, we need big corporations to lead the way.

In fairness to many of them, it sounds as if they are trying to do their bit. Numerous big companies are trying to cut back on their usage of single-use plastics. Some people continue to criticize, claiming that using paper straws instead of plastic isn’t enough. That might be true, but it is certainly better than doing nothing at all.

We’re all recycling plastic bottles and replacing our straws, but there are other products we don’t even think about that should be being recycled. Our shoes, for example. Adidas has now offered up a solution to that. 100% recyclable running shoes. They’re called Futurecraft.Loops and are designed to be melted down after use and remade into another running shoe, reports Metro.

The main problem with recycling shoes is the fact that they are made of various different materials. We all know the pain of sifting through our rubbish each week, separating plastics and glass. Not the Futurecraft.Loops. They are made entirely of just one material and don’t use any glue. That makes them incredibly easy to recycle.

So how is it done? Well, don’t worry, there isn’t going to be yet another bin pop up outside your house alongside the litany of others to pop your recyclable shoes in. Instead, once you have gotten everything you can out of your Futurecraft.Loops, send them back to Adidas and they will get to work turning them back into a brand new pair of sneakers. They do that by washing them, grinding them down into pellets, and then melting those pellets. From there, they will become a new pair of shoes and start their journey again.


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