Donald Trump’s border wall construction is in the prototype phase at the moment, with construction beginning as we speak.

Eight prototype walls are being built in San Diego, some ‘see-through.’

Check this out…

“We are looking at four different samples built by four great companies, four different concepts. They’re just about completed,” Trump said. “I’m going to go out and look at them personally and pick the right one.”

Trump said he wants a “see-through” wall to allow Border Patrol and other authorities to see smugglers and potential border crossers. The Homeland Security Department has expressly sought visibility through the barrier as a design element. But Trump seemed to say he wants the entire structure to be see-through.

Well, it’s definitely a good start.

If only Congressional Republicans would stop sitting on their hands more things could get done, considering they own all three branches of government.

We should all take solace knowing that President Trump is doing his best to move things along.



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