It is pretty troubling to see some of the overreach that’s happening at schools these days.  You can understand why parents are a little skeptical and worried about sending their kids to some of these schools that have clearly been taken over by leftists.

For example, some schools are now telling kindergarten children that they should share bathrooms with the opposite sex because gender is fluid or something.

High schools are telling boys and girls to share locker rooms based on whatever the kids think they are in their minds.

It’s scary stuff, folks.

The issues aren’t all about bathrooms though.

Some schools won’t even let kids wear the shirt they want if it offends liberals.

 Here’s the latest example:

A Georgia family is under fire for allowing a seventh grader to wear a T-shirt that mocked liberal news network CNN on a school field trip to CNN’s Atlanta headquarters — but the boy’s parents think the school violated the First Amendment by making their son take it off. Nancy and Stan Jester, of Dekalb, are both local elected officials, she a county commissioner and he is a member of the local school board. Their son, seventh-grader Jaxon, wore a shirt mocking the CNN logo as “FNN” with the caption, “Fake News Network.” A teacher asked him to remove it before the tour, but the school has since apologized to the Jesters. However, the parents want an apology for Jaxon because, they say, the whole thing was his idea and he has the right to free speech. “This year when the CNN tour was announced, my 7th grade son Jaxon asked me if he could purchase an FNN-Fake News Network shirt to wear for his field trip,” Stan Jester wrote in a blog post. “As an advocate for the First Amendment, I agreed to his request.” Jester continued: “His mother cautioned him that he might cause a controversy and needed to be prepared for that. He was fully aware of the implications of his decision and made the affirmative choice to wear his shirt.” The boy’s father wrote that he is “disappointed by the hypocrisy” of the decision to make his son change his shirt.

Pretty pathetic that something like this would cause an uproar.

This kid can wear whatever he wants as long as it’s not something vulgar that violates school policy and the school is full of it if they are pretending that this shirt violates policy.

It doesn’t violate anything except liberal sensibilities.

The parents are absolutely right. The school owes Jackson an apology.

Everyone needs to just loosen up a little bit. CNN lies all the time. Basically, every single day. It’s not a bad thing or an inappropriate thing to point that out.

This story is reminiscent of the kid who was suspended for shaping a pop-tart like a gun while he was eating it. However, that kid did get a lifetime NRA membership out of it. Not a bad trade.  Regardless, these schools need to just take a deep breath and let kids be kids.


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