British driver Jamil Mukadam, 23, has been forced to use his life-savings – over £5,000 in legal costs – after being hauled in front of a judge for making the offensive gesture back in February.

He was thrown into a Dubai jail cell with more than 170 crooks in terrible conditions without food or drink.

Police in the Arab country have also confiscated his passport, leaving him stranded and relying on family handouts to get by.

His mother Tanzim, 53, from Leicester, is helping to look after his wife and anxiously waiting for him to return to the family home.

She said: “It’s completely ridiculous. My son made one gesture at somebody when he was driving and they are treating him as if he was a murderer.

“We are really worried and just want him home. I am not in the best health and my son helps looks after me and my grandparents, and the stress this is causing means I’m struggling to sleep.

“Jamil is always very gentle and friendly and does not get aggressive behind the wheel. I’ve been in the car with him before.”


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