Water is life. All parts of the body depend on water to continue working. Water sustains life and also provides a form of health therapy. So now, what happened when you drink just water for the next 30 days? Although this might not be easy for some people, but the benefits are mind-blowing! Below are things that happen when you drink only water for 30 days without changing your exercise routine or diet:

1. Your mental performance and creativity will be enhanced

Researchers in Human Neuroscience journal found out that if you drink only water for 30 days, your brain reacts faster. This is because to function properly, the brain needs lots of oxygen, and water is a great source. You will be able to focus well and think fast.

2. You’ll look much younger

Yes, you heard that right. Drinking water assists in slowing down the ageing process by providing your skin with the adequate hydration it needs. You will age more slowly than your peers will. It keeps your skin healthy, moisturized, glowing, plum, soft, wrinkle free and youthful. Your muscle tone will be maintained also by drinking pure water.

3. It will strengthen your immune system

According to a Slovakian Proverb, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.” This very true indeed. Water plays an important role in the renewal of optimal body functions, serving as a catalyst. Your liver and kidney performs better when you drink adequate amount of water. Drinking sufficient amount of water strengthens your immunity against illnesses such as kidney stone, supports pain management and neutralizes pH levels.

4. Water will make your heart stronger

Your heart becomes healthier when you drink sufficient water. Water prevents your blood from thickening and also lowers your blood pressure, thereby decreasing the threat of a heart attack. Taking a glass of water just an hour before going to bed prevents a stroke or heart attack. This so because it makes it very easy for the heart to transfer new blood containing oxygen to the organs. According to a research carried out by the American Journal of Epidemiology, people that drank over five glasses of water daily are 41% less likely to die from a heart attack than those who drank less than two glasses daily.

5. Hydrating your body will give you strong bones

When you drink lots of water, your shock absorber cartilage will be rebuilt, thus allowing joints move smoothly and also decreasing damages on the joint caused by tension. Studies have shown that adequate intake of water improves joint flexibility.

6. It will also help you lose fat

Drinking only water for 30 days helps your body in removing harmful, irritable toxins and waste products. Your body becomes cleaner, thus trimming your belly fat. When you start taking only water, the initial result is for your body retaining water thus causing increase in pounds, but in the long run, you will begin to consume fewer calories and lose weight because the water flushes out your system.

7. Water will enhance your metabolism

It has been found out by researchers that consistently drinking of water daily results in a more energetic metabolism, no matter your diet.

For others, water may seem bland. But you won’t be able to drink your favourite drink without it!


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