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Source: Clueless Cyclist by hengyn

Meghan McCain Asks Adam Schiff To Back Up Collusion Claims – He FUMBLES Big...

The View’s Meghan McCain asked Rep. Adam Schiff Thursday why he maintains there is evidence of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. Schiff...

[VIDEO] Man Asks Bill Clinton ‘How’s Monica?’ — His Reaction Says It All

Bill Clinton waived to a pedestrian and gave the thumbs up while his black SUV idled at a stop light in New York City...

Guru Thinks His “Shield” Would Protect Him And Challanges The Wrong Guy

Self-defense classes range from the conventional to the exotic. Anything from karate to Brazilian capoeira classes are attended by people seeking exercise and life...

E-cigarette explosion caught on camera

Surveillance cameras have captured the moment an e-cigarette exploded inside a California man's pocket. He was reportedly trying to use the device on a bus...

Crazy Cyclist Shoots Fireworks At Biker

An insane cyclist decided to take revenge after being cut off by a motorcycle by shooting fireworks at the biker. A regular night on the...

See Donald Trump’s Insane Animatronic Robot at Walt Disney World

Donald Trump has been immortalized in Disney’s Hall of Presidents, and it is as utterly terrifying as you’d expect. Not that robo-Trump is any more...

DJ Tragically Dies As Stage Collapses During Festival

A DJ has died after the stage he was performing on collapsed due to heavy winds. Powerful winds blew over the stage structure at Atmosphere...

Video Catches Fearless Daredevil Reportedly Plummet To Death From Skyscraper

A famous Chinese stuntman has died after a stunt gone wrong. Wu Yongning, aged 26, fell to his death while performing a pull-up stunt atop...

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